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iZoot - Ganjart Swim shorts

Summer will be here soon and you’re going to want to stand out of the crowd wearing the same old boring shorts … whether on the beach, at a festival or just hanging out the new shorts will help you do that. They all feature the original artwork from Ganjart.com &  iZoot by Ira Zoot who's been creating amazing art for many years for a wide range of applications. Now it's being shared with everyone on products such as these All over shorts. The featured artwork is vibrantly colored, displays depth & texture and is visually exciting. Much of Zoot's new artwork has a connection to various Cannabis strains that nature has amazingly created and he wishes to share with those who also see the beauty and intricacy. With Ganjart.com and iZoot.com products Zoot is now offering all sorts of products that will make you and your home look great. While you're sure to love them they make fantastic gifts as well!